Clear Roles and responsibilities are crucial to successful project execution and rely on the implementation of approved project plans and the proper management of the resources required to execute those specific tasks.

Our Construction Managers are clearly tasked to control the execution phases’ success by continuously measuring project performance, monitor project risks and control the change of the project baseline.

We have an excellent reputation for successfully delivering projects on time, on budget and maintaining required quality standards.

The specific tasks a successful Construction Manager may be required to perform are, but are not limited to:

  • Responsible for site construction support may include supervising of installation of towers, mounts, antennas, feed lines, cabinets, shelters, , generators, HVAC, and electrical.
  • Completes required reports and other paperwork.
  • Closely adheres to all safety standards and procedures. Identifies gaps in safety standards as well as safety risks and provides recommendations.
  • Interprets and implements project drawings and specifications.
  • Identifies essential materials and tools to carry out the project scope of work.
  • Assist client with equipment orders, managing warehouse inventory, and return of used/unused site equipment.
  • Identify and approve qualified construction general contractors.
  • Submit bid documents to and coordinate all aspects of the bid process, including bid packages bid walks, bid reviews, contractor recommendation, and selection.
  • Create and manage the construction schedule. The schedule will consider permitting, materials availability, contractor availability, utility provisioning as required, network deployment timing, cost efficiency, property owner availability, and any other variables.
  • Administer the construction contract.
  • Complete feasibility walks to determine whether the proposed site may be properly constructed according to quality and technical standards.
  • Communication with client operations and systems performance personnel before starting any site work, mobilize general contractors and manage the completion of site work in continuous communication with client personnel.
  • Provide post-work summaries immediately upon project completion and procure closeout packages to client specifications.
  • Ensure that all proper inspections and final sign-offs are complete for project closeout.
  • Prepare and update site status reports, databases, and project forecast reports.